March 22, 2012
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I'll put on a mask
Sing in a voice
Just to lure u in.
I'll have a maiden take u in
Lock u up in a tower for your years
Guarded by me.
Unknown in mask and a cape to hide.
Burning eyes that pierce u.
Sirens voice that persuade u other wise.
when u try and leave
I'll show you hell
Just look into my eyes
And listen to my voice.
I'll make u see the burning souls u once loved
I'll make u hear their screams
I'll chain u to the walls and let u burn in the sun
The sun that will melt your flesh off and bleach your bones.
I'll show you the fire where the weak shall fester and the strong shall perish.
I'm the guardian of the gates
The keeper of hell
I'll fairy u there when the time is right
And when you die
I'll be the one who is consumed by the flames and walk out burning.
I'll smile the wicket smile and pull you close.
Into to hell we shall go.
I shall watch you suffer
And as you do I shall
Consume the pieces of your soul
The ones you gave up on
The ones you lost
And you shall dull in the fire light
This night shall be your last
Remember always
forget never

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