Words Like Violence

March 20, 2012
By DreamDisorder BRONZE, Sylmar, California
DreamDisorder BRONZE, Sylmar, California
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“Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing into my little world…”

Eyes of plenty fill the halls;
Voices flip and stir.
The silence swims ever so eerily.
The quiet is deafening.
A bullet with butterfly wings
Rips through air.
Heartbeats pound harder.
Death stares me in the face.
She smiles.
Who knew this killer
I knew nothing of?
Words come so mockingly
Though I said not a thing.
I still walked with the innocent.
Warm rouge liquid smothers my fingers.
My throat is tight.
Wide brown eyes stare,
But find nothing to see.
It was the game of the two-way street:
One stranger agreed
But I never knew a thing.
Now I'm a victim—
My world is shattering.
I hit the ground before anything
My mind races.
Now my head is spinning
My heart is spitting
Maybe I'm quitting…
The game was foolish,
I know that now.
Who’s not to say every spirit so wild and free
May not end in a fate alike me?
We are children—
I wish they could see:
A play of God is not fit.
The colours are fading,
Slowly swimming away.
Voices never pause.
I'm fighting.
The silver killer falls and trembles.
She steps slowly,
Staring at the hands of a petty sight
Warmth brims and spills.
What has she done?
The hatred swam the airs and poisoned
The weak and easily willed.
This game does not belong
Not even to such ages.
One cannot play
Without learning the rules.
My blinks blur and fade
All because of a stupid game.

The author's comments:
The situation was brought up to our attention that, my school being newly established, was a large victim to acts, both public and private, verbal and physical, were creating harm to individuals and our whole community.

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