I Am Nothing, You Are Nothing

March 20, 2012
By Est.1996 BRONZE, Moorseville, North Carolina
Est.1996 BRONZE, Moorseville, North Carolina
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I heard you're a player, well I happen to be the coach.

Gone from my grasp
You left me with a broken heart
You never were real from the start
Why lead me like lamb to the slaughter
When you swore I was that I was the one
The one to soon bear you daughters
But not this time
You only brought me
Guilt, regret
Sex and lies
You took from me all my fight
You felt good punishing me
Every hit and scar
For some sick twisted reason
I loved you more
You manipulative scumbag
Toying with my emotions
My heart
You took my life and destroyed it
I hate you
You sick monster
You took away everything from me
It must be arousing to hit women to you
Because that's what you love to do
You tossed me out like trash
But phenox-like
I rose from the ash
You are nothing to me
As I am nothing to you

The author's comments:
This is about someone I care dearly for who was in an abusive relationship, her struggles and triumph over this sick guy

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