March 20, 2012
By PoeticBoy04 SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
PoeticBoy04 SILVER, Detroit, Michigan
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An abusive relationship is not cool
Either you're hitting her or she's hitting you

And in the end you know you were wrong
You say you love them but why can't yall get along

You say that it's something that you can't control but you know that you can
So you're telling me that you can't control bawling up your hand

Slapping your girl in the face, punching your man in the balls
Making your girl cry, making your man fall

You say you understand but you don't
You say you're going to stop but you won't

You say that you're listening but can't tell me what I said
You're not going to stop this abuse until the other is dead

And when they are dead they're all you can think about
But when they were alive all you wanted to do was beat and shout

Walking around at the funeral and all you do is pout
Ask what did I do but just can't figure it out

But even before that
You went and grabbed a bat

Beating their heads in
Over and over again

Thinking that this could never happen to me
Trying to wake yourself up from this bad dream but it turns out to be reality

Telling your family that he or she loves you
But in the end you realize that love don't abuse

You try to get away
But they hit you in the face

Holding your emotions in tight
Praying that they will do right

Asking God why did he take them but you gave him no choice
And now that they're in heaven they can rejoice

No more crying, no more pain
No more hearing bad words, no more abusive games

No more crying through the night
No more pretending that everything is alright

And then you want to beat them in front of your kids
Then they would want to grow up and do actually what you did

Girls beating on your boyfriends, boyfriends beating on you girl
Making them bleed and cry but at the same time telling them that they are your world

They choke you up, black your eye
Make you scream and make you cry

Missing teeth, broken jaw
Bones showing, meat hanging out man it looks raw

But you stay there taking the pain
They put you outside in hail, snow, or rain

They say they will stop and you believe
They say if you love them then you wouldn't leave

Once again you stop and think things through
And realize that love don't abuse you

The author's comments:
Words speak for themselves

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