March 28, 2012
By vda128 BRONZE, Moscow, Idaho
vda128 BRONZE, Moscow, Idaho
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Wind hisses harsh words of lament.
Why has there been a loss of faith?
Not necessarily a belief in a higher being,
But in a meaning.
The significance of life is having a soul,
There’s still a hole.
What’s life with out love and devotion?
Maybe it’s a search for emotion.
Better yet, an exploration for the question to the answer.
Like do you have the spirit of a dancer?
How many paths must a man follow?
Without a “what if” I feel hollow.
These dead faces crowd empty streets,
Masks that hide our personal feats.
Up above floats a dream bubble,
Popped as you begin to stumble.
Falling through the broken ice,
Stirring feelings of regret and sacrifice.
A red rose fades to black,
As hope for a better generation becomes slack.
The question is, incidentally,
If the wind blew gently,
Would you hear its pleading intent?
Or push it away screaming “repent”?
Wind hisses harsh words of lament.
Why have you lost faith in yourself?

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a protest piece for my History of Rock and Roll class.

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