March 28, 2012
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My darling.
I started my laundry.
Methodically pulling out items to add,
Until I came across something that smelt like you.
The glorious scent of cigarettes, and simple love.
I was afraid to add the item, to let the lingering,
Tantalizing essence of you be destroyed.
So very afraid.

I do not think you understand,
How your sleepy, dreamers eyes ensnare me,
Your self-conscious smile lets forth
The wells that harbor my adoration.
I feel like a broken Ferris wheel going up,
Into bliss, glimpsing hope,
And going down,
Realizing that the ride is over.

Do you remember when you slept on the floor?
I didn’t want to wake you and it was then
That I wanted to protect you.
It was then that I cracked.
Nothing that beautiful can last forever.
I knew that, and yet,
You were worth this feeling,
As I take in my new addiction of cigarette smoke.

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