Memories Mistaken

March 28, 2012
By Thisious GOLD, Lake Forest Park, Washington
Thisious GOLD, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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Celer, silens, mortalis.

you don't know a lot about me
i'm a mystery, pandoras' box, just waiting to be unlocked
just when you think you got me figured,
you'll see im not a single figure
and I've got a plethora of features
im like the weather, constantly changing
its like the moon, spinning
and grinning back at the world as they watch
and stare, and the people wonder why they're here,
but they should be thinking about why they aren't there,
pondering lifes greatest black boxes
without truly knowing themselves
its like its all an act,
set to make you feel like they have something you lack,
jealousy gets ahold of you
you have to be stopped before you do something rash
humiliation takes its toll,
before you know whats happening you're lifes gone by in a flash,
80 years gone, your youth seems like it never existed,
you fade out just like you came in,
but in the end, who wants to be immortal?
Circulated through the minds of the upper class,
quoted by world leaders, trying to make an impact
you never know how much your words can matter,
if you go out like you came in,
a little ripple like a leaf in a tree,
never to be remembered, but by those close to you
when your memories are gone, will your teachings survive?

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