Loosing myself

March 28, 2012
I let the lyrics dance in my head;
Float across my brain;
Seep into my soul;
Carry me away to my safe haven.
Various bands from various genres are slowly deteriorating my sense of hearing.
Music, the click of my camera, my pencil, and my pounding feet:
Those are the only sounds I need
Lyrics screaming in both my ears,
The flash of my camera capturing every moment,
My pencil scratching down poems and doodles,
Adrenaline pulsing through my body as I run.
That is what I feel.
They are my passions.
Letting lyrics carry me away,
Capturing everything like no one else has,
Expressing myself with a pencil and paper,
Getting high off adrenaline.
This is how I relax 
I escape:
Hurt feelings.
And I fall.
Into pure,

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