Break Me

March 28, 2012
By PLATINUM, Guelph, Other PLATINUM, Guelph, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Do I dare disturb the universe?" -T.S. Eliot

My heart’s in your hands
Crying “Break me”
Because I don’t know how else
To take this, whatever this is
Because maybe...

I’m trying too hard
To translate your bucketful of lies
Sifting through until
I end up with barely an ounce of truth
But still...

I hate the way you
Have a cold steel chain wrapped around
My heart and each time
You give a little tug
I come running like...

The Nile seems to be
A great, flowing, growing, sparkling
River whose surface reflects
Right back what you want to see
My love is what you expect yet...

I can’t figure out what you need
Even though I gave you my soul already
And in return I was handed
The most elegantly carved, empty, wooden chest
With you I am stranded...

On an island
And no matter how hard I paddle away
The tide sweeps me back
Into the oblivion where you
Want me, her; you want this, that...

That time you told me
That you could stay a thousand years in this moment
But can’t you tell that’s my core fear
Because I’m the Red Queen
Running-don’t stop running
Just to stay in the same place...

Place where we first met
Is one I walk by daily
A constant reminder
Of how my heart is in your hands, begging, pleading,
Crying “Break me...”
Me? I don’t even know
Who that sad face is anymore
Used to be an optimist
But now the glass is half full of poison
Ouch! The venom...

Stings like a bee, your words
The bitterness behind them spreading
Through my veins, starts
Coursing through like wildfire
Straight to my...

Heart’s only hope
Is that one day you’ll break me
So that I can forget I ever loved you
I can hear you coming and I prepare myself
Because this is it, we’re over, we’re...

Through my feeble attempt
At independence your eyes pierce
And reality dawns
We’re not even close to over
You’ve won...

This battle however
One day you’ll lose the war
And I’ll start off with a clean slate
Because I know one day
You’ll have to give me a break

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