As I fall

March 28, 2012
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As I fall,
Please remember,
Life has been good,
And it couldn’t have gotten any better.

As I plunge into this abyss,
Don’t worry, don’t fret,
Because I have lived my life,
And you aren’t done yet.

You have a lot to live,
To love, to see, and to be,
To see you grow,
Has made my eternity.

But as I am laying here,
Plug still in the wall,
Please listen to what I have to say,
Please answer my final call.

Because when you fall,
Into this uncertain depth,
I will be there to catch you,
Please don’t fear death.

As I fall,
Please understand,
I have had my fill,
And I am giving the reaper my hand.

As I fall,
I see your light,
Getting closer,
Blinding my sight.

As I fall,
I realized,
It wasn’t a fall,
But my own rise.

After all,
What is a descent,
That lets me be at peace,
with the water so clear,
And the endless feasts.

As I fall,
Please remember,
Life has been good,
But it’s just about to get better.

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