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Stop The Ignorance

March 28, 2012
By LoveIsAreWeapon BRONZE, Duncanville,Texas, Texas
LoveIsAreWeapon BRONZE, Duncanville,Texas, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
-Life is to short to not live it up.
-Walk in the person's shoes of whom you want to judge, before you judge.

A simple comment, enough for one to shed a tear.
A Few arguments, enough for one to run.
Teasing repeatedly, gets one ready for reaping easily.
Round after round of pounding, made a frown for one ready to drown.
Fear for not being number one, and not standing up for someone.
An audience, not wanting to interfere and do whats right, is just as wrong as the fight.

What is wrong with the world and youth within it?
The ignorance from them all, from the-low-self-esteem-one last word-cool-policy.Is as wrong as a murder.
It's the same type of abuse out of many...
Making fun of...
Pointing fingers...
Not understanding,wanting to change...
Standing back and watching...
These are people the same as we.
Why should you look at people not in the same cliche', style, or race as you, as someone your better than?
Why waist the time and breath, and type a comment that's not worth anything but to make someone hurt, ruin a person's day, or make them think differently of themselves!
Ignorance equips to childish,why try to make others around you laugh when your the only one laugh?

That guy can't help that he likes guys...
That girl can't help that she can't afford new stuff...
So what if that girl is bigger!
So what if guy is skinny!
We were not put on this once-perfect-Earth to point out what you don't like in a person.We were put on this Earth to love and learn from each other.To respect,To love. Unity. <3

The author's comments:
After listening to 3 girls at lunch at my school tease a girl...(out of no where because they were just talking about next football game)... about how so looked and how big she was.(she couldn't even hear them either she was one table away.) I blew, i told them " Common you guys were just having a normal conversation and randomly start making fun of her. That's not cool. Who's listening? Who are you impressing? No one. Your only making yourselves look like stuck up snobs and lowering your ego. Common talking and bullying isn't cool so stop."

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