6.4 seconds

March 28, 2012
By Queenie9297 BRONZE, Granville, Illinois
Queenie9297 BRONZE, Granville, Illinois
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I observe the group fly for the finish line

I tell myself…
“I can do this, just clear your head and run”

I’m in my lane…
Pumping myself up, stretching my legs out, getting as flexible as a snake

In my head I comprehend what is going on, then….

I jolt forward
Pushing myself harder the I’ve ever done

As I’m sprinting…
Everything slows as if I’m running through caramel

Finally I’m over the finish line…
In my head the same thing is echoing…

6.4 seconds
I strut off the track thinking…
That was the best 6.4 seconds of my life

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