March 28, 2012
By Rachel Friesen GOLD, Gladwin, Michigan
Rachel Friesen GOLD, Gladwin, Michigan
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There is a place of beauty, a place of splendor;
It's where the streams will flow like silken meadows blow,
And all the flowers will dance like little treasures;
The excitement of spring will be beyond measures.

In this place everything will be so bright,
There shall be no darkness, nor night;
Every tear will be like diamonds,
The sparkling joys of sorrows past.

The mountains high, and valleys low
Will finally speak the words they've held so long,
And the birds, well, they'll never lose their song;
They will sing like never before like little harps of gold
Making melodies that haven't been heard for ages untold.

Every laugh will be unrestrained, pure, and wholesome,
Like the cheery laughter that crystal brooks hum,
Trickling over the silvery stones,
In all sorts of illustrious tones.

The winds will whisper soothingly through the willows,
As if they were reminiscing the good times they'd had;
While they lay their heads softly on their pillows,
They seem to be saying how much they were glad.

There life will always be fresh, everyone reborn each day,
It's special in every little way,
From the the shouts and the joy in morning,
To the leaping boundless freedom they danced adorning.

Death has been taken, shook up and thrown out of town;
Death has lost, it's been beaten down,
And now it is just left there lying on the ground,
Murdered, lying there forever, never to make another sound.

In this place, love will be true as the eastern sun's hue,
It will sparkle and shine like snow in the night;
Love will be the warmth of the day, and the proof that we're new,
It will be in the hearts of every soul here burning bright.

The streets and the walls will never see blood,
They'll never feel beatings from bombs or shells,
Or get coated in thick sickened mud;
No screaming, pain, nor torment; no none of those hells.

There are no limits, no bounds,
To the peace, and the joys, and gold and the crowns,
Rewards and great prizes will be given
Because all has been forgiven!

One day I shall cross over the dark waters,
One day I shall make it to those Celestial doors,
And I will be one of the son's daughters
At the thought, my heart takes wing and soars.

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