March 28, 2012
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That One word, with 5 consonants, and 2 vowels
With long flowing gold hair, she never scowls
Full red lips, high cheek bones,
And those bony little hips; she's as a skinny as a pole
Oh, and she's got that cute little mole.
She's so talkative, and always smiling with that little dimple,
Then there's all those bizarre things she says
As sweet as a pickle, but she isn't that simple.
She's studying to be a lawyer,
It's something she's always wanted to do;
Her family all believes in her and you should too.
We all know her, we all see her
Because she's that one word, with 5 consonants, and 2 vowels

That one little word, starts with a P and ends with a T
You know it's not you, and it's definitely not me,
But it's someone else that you see.
They walk, they talk, they do it all right,
But for us it seems we're always messing up
It's like we don't belong.
But they just do all their wrong out of sight
Either way they still win, they look good,
That's all that counts right?
That's why they're that one word, starts with a P and ends with a T

That one word, half sounds like a cat, and the rest we'll tell you right flat
He's that one kid that's got that 100 percent grade,
And he's always getting medals.
Plays all the sports, and he's got all the girls;
He's not a bully, and he's not a pushover ;
Smart and kind, and nobody hates him;
He walks with authority, and talks with precision;
Nobody can touch him, and nobody can faze him.
He's that one word, half sounds like a cat and the rest we'll tell you right flat

That one word, after the purr the last part comes into effect
Day after day those people those things
Machines if you will, they shove and they push
They struggle and they crush, strive to the end
And then continue again, on until dusk
And up before dawn, hands shaking, heart beating
But when they're all alone when nobody's looking and nobody sees
Their minds whirl and their eyes purl,
They're sobbing and crying just let it be over please.
Chasing, striving, pushing, shoving
But they are no more like that one little word than you or me

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