Dread to Dare

March 28, 2012
By Rachel Friesen GOLD, Gladwin, Michigan
Rachel Friesen GOLD, Gladwin, Michigan
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There she cowers, in the cold blackness,
Scratching her claws stupidly on the iron bars,
Despair only driving her to madness;
Her mind in torment, rewinding ageless scars.

Pacing back and forth in her confinement,
She laments like an animal, trapped forever;
Tears grace her cheeks as she sobs bitterly with no refinement;
Will she escape? they scream, No never!

Some wonder what has she done to deserve this!
This torment! This unbearable hell!
Still she wanders from one dreary corner to its brother
Ragged, torn, and crawling with filth; was she alive no one could tell.

Her ashen cheeks all sunken and hollow
But her hopes leaped and danced, but stayed locked forever
And that's as far as they got or would dare follow
But they were such hopeful little things, one dared not say never
So full of life and happiness and just so very whole
They wanted a chance they really honestly did
Constantly pleading within her quivering soul
From the depths of her beating chest to the tears that she hid
And from her depths like a foe, they cried, Let me go!

But she could not free their flighty skins
No room for their spirited souls behind the cold iron bar
No room for them to sprout their little wings
No room for them to lift their souls afar
She was trapped, lost as a lost soul be
So they could never spread their wings and just be free

Finally, liberty at last
The iron bars had been crushed
Freedom! Freedom! No more bars finally freedom I will hold you fast.
But when she crept to the door and got near the ledge, joy was hushed
I must jump! No I can't! I must!

Her body wept like a shedding willow tree
She began pacing the cage once more, like she had always done before
If I go might I die, but if I stay I may be sure to always be
Every thought was agony
Like tearing up a freshly sprouted field

And her doom prowled like an fierce-some black cat
It's evil piercing eyes, her fear stricken face, it looked right at
She dare not move, she dare not dive
But she could only dare to survive

The author's comments:
My fear and how it keeps me trapped in a cage to suffer.

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