March 28, 2012
By DakotaKirbyDurbin SILVER, Methuen, Massachusetts
DakotaKirbyDurbin SILVER, Methuen, Massachusetts
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It's not too late, It's never too late.

There’s something everyone asks for,
That’s a chance for love to come knocking on your door.
Your eyes could meet,
Or you could share a verbal greet.
Some spark might fly,
And at that time neither of you can lie.
There is something in the air,
That makes you stop and stare.

You may have seen him or her before,
Then you would get a feeling you don’t quite adore.
Some feeling so new and strange,
That it starts to expand your emotional range.
The spark turns to fire,
And that person becomes your deepest desire.
You’ll start to talk then date.
This new emotion is rising at a rapid rate.
The first kiss starts it all.
From then on you start to have a ball.
Everything happens so fast,
don’t let it go to your head.
I’d wait a little while to fool around in bed.

You’ll start to ask yourself “is this love?”
It’s certainly given your heart a shove.
Only time will tell,
Just don’t let your uncertainty bring it all to hell.
Make sure you keep up the fun,
So if it doesn’t work at least you had a good run.
Or maybe it will work out,
And the love will continue to sprout.
Hopefully it’ll be love that doesn’t die,
Then you know those emotions weren’t a lie.
Your heart might get hurt,
And for awhile you’ll feel less than dirt.
But don’t let one fail turn off your heart,
There’s always time for a new start.

Love is never a guarantee.
It always is a gamble.
Anything could happen.
Despite the past you can’t try to stop your hearts advance,
Because for love there is always a chance.

The author's comments:
The title for this piece was given to me by a close friend and I wrote the poem based on that. The idea is pretty clear, never give up on love! :)

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