Time Moves On

March 28, 2012
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It seems to move fast
never goes back to the past
only forward
and will forever last
for all eternity
and then some.
Only time will tell
what you’ll become.
In the time it takes for you to say
“I love you baby”
it leaves you wondering will you still love them as time moves on
either yes or no
there is no maybe
It makes you wonder
what should’ve been instead of what is
what could’ve been instead of what is done
what would’ve been if you hadn’t or if you had.
Time will make you think
stare and not blink
learn from your past
swim and don’t sink.
You begin to cry.
Is this life you live a lie?
Do you fail
because you simply don’t try?
In the time it took
for you to see it wasn’t love, it was lust
you missed the key that time gave you
that key was trust.
The same way time can make you cry,
it can make you laugh,
smile, and rejoice
making you live with every made choice
not caring about your opinion, or your voice.
Time didn’t make you a promise
it didn’t say you’d always be there
it didn’t say it’d take you away
from all your problems you don’t want to face.
With us, time does not align
it sends us signs
day in and day out, what you do with your life
defines your time.

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