Mine v.s His

April 4, 2012
By Pandaboo BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
Pandaboo BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
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Life's what you make it and how you take it.

So there's this girl
She always looks away
She was raised to be woman and have manners
She don't make eye contact
She knows her eyes speak louder then anything
She was hurt
She was ignored
She was lied too
She no longer trusts, nor loves
She wont do it any longer.
Then a certain boy came along
He was clueless about her
He was raised to be a man with manners
He didn't know what the world could throw at him
He let his eyes and his smile do the talking
He payed attention to her
He not once lied to her
He trusts her and loves her
He was the one she opened up too
He was everything she needed, and more.

So there's this boy
Nothing ever went his way
He was raised to be a man and use his manners
He learnt to keep his mouth shut
He learnt that no one stayed
He was hurt
He was ignored
He never knew what love was
He wouldn't expect what was coming.
Then a certain girl came along
She was clueless about him
She was raise to be a woman with personality
She didn't know what she would go through
She let her smile shine; like it always did
She opened up to him
She trusted him
She loved him with all her heart
She never once did him wrong
She was everything he needed, and more.

The author's comments:
Me and My dear Tom wrote these. Mines first his is second.

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