Trading Genders

April 4, 2012
By Anonymous

If I could be a boy for one day I'd give my heart to the most Beautiful girl and tell her I'm going to marry her one day. I would had another girl and tell her I will always love her and I would never break her heart just to get a piece of her beautiful feeling in between those beautifully curvy firm thighs. Man I'd tell all of those girls that Beautiful LIE. Id tell all of them they can all have my heart as long as they dont tear it apart. For one day i would use and abuse them for that one thing. That thing that should save until that left has a ring. I'd go home text or call my wife and tell her she's the only one i love and no one will change that while i have the next girl ringing my bell ready to give me her all. So id tell my girl that i gotta go and i love her deeply Then i ='d go to the door and answer it and pull the other girl to my bed and ENTER her deeply. After all the penetrating she begins infatuating. Asking me how much does her love mean to me? And Insincerely and apthy i say it means the world to me. Id go around breaking these loving hearts just to PLEASE MY GREED and My Body PARTS . Id feed my wife what my heart feels and these HOES what My BODY wants to feel. But then when my wife's intuition starts to set in and she starts interrogating and investigating Id Have my bros cover for me Telling her to cheel shes beasting for no reason knowing damn well im doing her wrong and abusing her most beautiful and precious loving heart i continue with my flirting and freaking. Only For One day if we could trade places i would love for you Males to FEEL a REAL Broken heart ! How it FEELS to BE A REAL R.O.D. && how she feels when she stay && he CONTINUES To let his heart delay ! I would LOVE for you to feel how it is to have your heart broken multiple times and letting your heart believe its not a crime. To be emotionally torn and wont admit that your heart is worn. To Feel How It HURTS to love but how givingly and willingly we are to anyways. and i would HOPE and PRAY that after ALL of that you would change and LEARN to appreciate the girl you Call your WIFE and Juss Finally Drop That "DOG LIFE" . Now This is A Question That Make My Mind Wonder ..
Why Have All For One Thing .
When ONE Is Willing And IS Giving Your EVERYTHING?

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