Love Garden

April 4, 2012
There was an angel floating in the sky above,
She bloomed like a perfect flower,
All around me there was only love.
With only words she conquered my heart and
The purple butterfly flew high
Knowing that it could never die.

It was neither hot nor cold,
I knew this feeling would never grow old

She came down and touched me with her lips
It felt so good, what a wonderful kiss.
All of our surroundings knew it was
And it was.

Resting on her bosom I started wonder if it was true.
Her affections were so amorous
She needn’t say
“I love you.”

Up in the sky the stars were out while the sun was still shining.
No one could compare to the love we shared, right then
She ascended and became one with the stars,
Now I wonder where we are.

Her face was as lovely
As the dawns embrace.
Her body was my sweet alibi,
When I’m gone it’s the reason why.

I kept on praying she’d return,
For soon I would learn
That it was only the beginning.

Then I opened my eyes to see
A love garden.

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