April 4, 2012
By beckiii92 SILVER, Deerfield, Illinois
beckiii92 SILVER, Deerfield, Illinois
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It's more than just a word.
To me, it's a sense of self
that I use to fill the void.
To me, it's more than a drink.
More than just tequila,
or whiskey,
or wine.
For me, it's a fuel,
to help me make my journey through time.

Without it, I'm purposeless.
Without it, I'm a waste, of space.
Without it, I'm lost.
Without that perfect, bitter taste.
Without it, I'm nobody,
a soul without a life.

Every day, I wake up,
yearning for a new life,
for I've grown weary of the one I have,
the one that might as well be inert.
But when I take the poison in,
Alive is what I become.
It gives me a purpose,
if only for a short time.
The poison helps me feel alive
in a life suffused with desolation.
Tomorrow, I don't care for,
nor do I care about any other time.
For tonight, the void is filled,
For tonight, I feel alive.

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