The World Crashes Down Around Me

April 4, 2012
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The world crashes down around me
As words cascade down the slippery bank –
So malleable before, I realize –
So hopelessly confused.
The maelstrom pummels me
Until I fall
And am caught in the raging current
Of overwhelming sorrow.
The face of the sky had seemed so perfect,
So admirable;
The virgin clouds turned their reassuring faces towards me -
How was I to perceive a battle
Raging behind the ashen clouds,
Behind the placate sapphire?
Then the flood halts –
Its words spoken in the judging light –
And I wash upon the shore;
Battered, beaten, and confused.
Who now to trust?
What future could bring solace?
I know not,
So I face away from the tributary
And slowly walk towards Forgetfulness,
Who enfolds me in his embrace.
But on evenings when the clouds converge
To mask the sky,
I glance back
And shudder at a distant thought,
An unwanted memory
Of the world crashing down around me.

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