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April 4, 2012
By km1295 BRONZE, Greenville, Texas
km1295 BRONZE, Greenville, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"life is not what you make it. life is a mixture of what you've been given, what you've earned, and how you react to it all."

This world is pretty crazy,
Keep up if you can.
This world is full of surprises,
I never saw you in the plan.
I’m not gonna lie I’ve felt my share of pain,
Walked through the rain
And on my heart there is a stain…
It hurts, it doesn’t work quite like it used too,
Its been bruised and scared,
crushed beneath a shoe.
I got so caught up, love was so blinding,
But then along came the heartache reminding..Me
That it was never meant to be.
I had put that love before God you see,
And God is the only one who see’s me perfectly,
And he’s the only one who can help me live happily.
He provides what I NEED,
He guides me through life.
Tired of letting Satan win,
Letting him shape me with his knife.
He lied to me he made me believe the world’s lies.
Thought the only way to be loved was to give my heart to some guy.
But I was so wrong so completely out of control,
The only thing I needed was for God to save my soul.

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