The Fall

April 4, 2012
By km1295 BRONZE, Greenville, Texas
km1295 BRONZE, Greenville, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"life is not what you make it. life is a mixture of what you've been given, what you've earned, and how you react to it all."

Our mouths do not open
But your eyes tell me all.
We’re still hurting
We haven’t recovered from the fall.
A wound leaves a scar
Does it ever completely heal?
A heart still beats
Does it still have ability to feel?
We hurt each other
We just couldn’t let it go.
To start over and love again
Neither of us ever wanted to know.
So we watched tears hit the floor
We watched the slow down fall.
Never said a word
We were too scared to lose it all.
We knew what was coming
We’d seen it before.
Love doesn’t always last
When love becomes a chore.
Life fly’s by so fast
And some loves are never meant to last;

Leave it in the past.

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