Space in time

April 4, 2012
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Over the course of many years
People wise up and the wrinkles increase
Symbolizing the memories and struggles
Endured in their life

It takes:

40 years: to get wrinkles

20 years: for children

15 years: for marriage

10 years: to find a career

5 years: to figure out whom you really are

1 year: to make a good decision
It takes:

6 months: to learn a language

4 months: to travel the world
It takes:
3 weeks: of depression
1 week: to get over it
It takes:

1 day: to realize how bad life can be

1 hour: to write an essay

1 second: to blink
It takes 0 seconds to get all of
That time back
Time is priceless
You can’t just asked for more time like you
Ask for more cream for your coffee
Or like you ask for a refill
Once it’s gone, it’s gone

We must vow to life for ourselves
Do what makes us happy
Before you know it you are punching
That ticket going home

Live, Live, Live, Live
Do what you want
Do what you please
Then there is no reason for refills
Always live, live, live, live
Longue vie a la persone qui ne perdez de temps

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