People's Race

April 4, 2012
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There are many different kinds
Of people, who race through
Life at certain speeds
There are those who go
They blow through life quickly
Taking for granted many things and
Riding on hoarse back blind

There are those who go
They just want some excitement
They are like fidgety kids on Christmas
So eager to open their presents that
They move idiotically

There are people who go
They make it through life smoothly
With a plan filled with lots of ambition

Last there are people who go
The kind of people who drag through life
Because they fill no purpose
No sense of hope to ever accomplish
Anything one day

People may race at different paces
But we all want the same thing
We alyourn for that one thing that
We know we were meant to do
We all desire some form of fulfillment
In life because when we end
The great race, there is nothing
We can do to reach satisfaction
In our desire
We must race
Maybe even chance
But don’t be so eager to
Go at such a fast pace

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