Under the Bed Chase

April 4, 2012
By EmmaM BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
EmmaM BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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The Water Bottle Monster

He is a monster.
That is what we know.
We don’t know much.
But we know that.

Why do I listen?

Why do I listen?
Why do we
Why do all

Who is she?
It’s the …
Of the …
No one cares
Why would they
I’m just a girl

The girl

Why him?

How am I here?
Why am I here?
I don’t know
How should I know?

I’m just a boy

Tim the Boy

Alone, just alone
Just sitting at my table at lunch
Just eating my sandwich
Just thinking to my self
Just watching the other kids talk and laugh


My mother says I should think about

I don’t know what she means when she says

I hang out with my friends, but not

Maybe it’s her nice way of saying you need to be kinder to


Maybe I’ll try to hang out with others

Way to many questions
Why so many questions

Who are you?
Why are you here

Where are you from
Can you do anything?

Are you going to attack?

It feels like I am in a boiling pot filled with potatoes and carrots.
A witch is stirring me around
It is extremely uncomfortable
I wish I was not here
I think that she is eating me
With her broken yellowing teeth
And terrible breath

But I am still alive and that is all that matters
Here she comes!!!

Joey (I’m A GIRL)
Why am I doing this???
This is so ridiculous
I am making a fool of myself
All the things Joey was thinking about while she was going to talk to the new girl
Her mother was making her do this
But something inside her made do it too
She needed a new friend
Ever since the summer her friends have been acting funny
Ignoring her
Like she was not even cool enough to hang out with

It all started when Joey went to the beach with her friends
Because every summer they go together
The first day was fine
It was super fun
All the girls were in the water playing and eating ice cream and all that
But after a while things started to get weird
Like for some reason they became not fun
All they would do was sit on the towel and tan and talk and only go in the ocean to hang out with boys.
The problem was that Joey didn’t want to do those things,
She wanted to enjoy her summer
Then the girls started to exclude her
So Joey was lonely
To not be lonely Joey tried to act like that
But the problem is she is not like that
That is why Joey needs a new friend

“Hello, my name is Joey.”
“Ah, hi” said the girl as she looked up from her lunch.
“What’s your name?”
“Beatrice” The girl said surprisingly shy. Joey thought that the girl looked like someone who would feel comfortable anywhere and strong. This is because of the girl’s appearance. She had thick blond hair held up in a high pony tail, and cold, stony blue eyes and tall and muscular but pretty. But the feature that really made her look the way she did is the look on her face. It is pleased and relaxed and still tense.
This made Joey feel better, because she knew that she was not the only person that was nervous.
Wait, why am I nervous? This is my school—well I guess I should be nervous I’ve never met this girl.
“Um—do you—um want to sit at my table?”
The girl gives me an are- you- serious- look, but says,
“Sure, I guess.”

“Excuse me!”
“Can I have some milk?”
“Thanks.” Tim said, “Aren’t you new here too?”
“Yes.” Said Beatrice
“Where are you sitting, can I sit with you?”
“Okay, I’m sitting with joey. Over there, come on.”

Under the bed
All the kids were coming to my house
The doorbell rings
It’s Tim
“Come over here, this is my bed room”
The doorbell rings again
It’s Beatrice
“Come on, Tim is in my room.”
Did something just move?

“Did something just move under the bed?” asked Beatrice
“Yes, I saw something too.”
“Let’s look.”
All of a sudden something covered in plastic runs out!
“OMG! What was that?”
“Come on, we have to follow it.”
“Was that some kind of water bottle monster?”
“Yes, your right it did look like a giant water bottle.”
“Yes! I caught it.”
“Wait, is that fur?” asked Beatrice, “This is a dog!”
“That is my dog Pepper; I guess she found the recycling bin.”
“It’s too bad that it was just your dog, because it would have been fun to chase a real monster.”

The End

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