Father Your Aging

April 4, 2012
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I watched as you sat in front of me at are booth.That morning i noticed you were aging. Ever since i was i was little, up to this age from yesterday, you always looked the same to me. White hair with streaks of gray, not a bald spot in sight. In the summer year neck always sun burnt red. Your skin always strong and tan. But now, this morning i saw your aging. I almost cried. My father is getting older i thought. I bite my tongue so a tear wouldn't fall. Your image was always the same, immortal in a way, in my eyes. Now different. Because today i saw your aging. The paleness of your neck, pink showing streaks here and there, wrinkles starting to appear, and the thinking of your hair. I know i have to except your aging and getting older. Just like you have to except my aging and getting older too. But ever since i was little, you always looked the same. I don't know why I'm crying silently from the words on this page, not being very sain... But I'v always been daddie's little girl and I'v never seen you age. It makes me sad to think of you as old, because from there i may loose you cold.

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