Let Me Love Her

March 20, 2012
By , Arlington, VA
I only want her
I love her
I cherish her

To me, she walks on water
To me, she's everything anyone could want
To me, she's perfect 

I'd go through hell for her
I'd go anywhere to be with her
I'd do anything she wants me to

She's my life
She's my world
She's my everything

My only dream, 
Is to be with her
To marry her
To start a family with her. 

There's only one thing
Standing in my way
Of my perfect life. 

Laws against gay marriage. 
Being looked down upon. 
Being called "fag" or "gay". 
Being bullied until suicide
Is the only option.  
Being discriminated against. 

It's not my fault I find myself
More attracted to girls,
Than to guys. 
I didn't choose this life for myself,
But I couldn't imagine being any other way. 
I love myself, 
As do I love my girlfriend. 

I wish to hold her hand in the halls,
Kiss in the movie theaters, 
And move her hair out of her face. 

I don't stare when you kiss your girlfriend,
So why are you doing it to me?
Watching me
Judging me
Hurting me

We were all raised to
Treat others the way you want to be treated, 
No matter what color they are,
How short or tall they are, or
How big or skinny they are. 

No one said anything about same-sex couples. 
Homosexuality was a sin,
Against the bible,
Against the status quo. 

But you know what? 
It's not a sin. 
It's love, 
And last time I checked,
Love is love,
No matter what. 

So let me have my girlfriend. 
Let me love her
And let me cherish her. 

Don't stand in my way, 
Cause I'm ready to fight. 
Ready to fight for equality,
Ready to fight for love,
Ready to fight against homophobia,
Ready to fight against discrimination. 
Ready to fight for the one I love. 

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