March 20, 2012
By , Columbia, MO
A little girl sits in bed every night,
Afraid to fall asleep,
Wondering when “he” will come creeping into her room.
She hears the floor boards creaking.
Watches him come slowly thru the door.
Tries to pretend to be asleep.
Because maybe he will go away if she’s sleeping.
“he” gets closer and she knows not to make a peep or try to fight,
That will only make it worse.

The years go by and she’s now a teenager,
By this time it turned into a routine,
She’s ashamed of herself,
It’s starting to be too much to bare,
Beginning not to care.

Her arms are full of old scares and new cuts.
Thinking of what it would be like to be up there with the stars,
She overdoses and try’s to kill herself.
After this attemptt she felt hopless,
Like she would never be free.
But you see the scared little girl,
Was me.
And I am free.
I found the voice to speak up after nine years.
And so can you.

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