I'm Done

April 1, 2012
By Pinkkatielyn BRONZE, Pendleton, Indiana
Pinkkatielyn BRONZE, Pendleton, Indiana
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I'm Done

Look at Me, Look at you,
There’s nothing you can do
Against me, that’s right
‘Cause I’m ready to fight

I’ve got a sword and a spear
You have nothing but tears
I’ll kick it up to high gear
You’re unclear but I’m right here

Yeah that’s true
We’ll all look at you
You’re shaking so much
I couldn’t tell it was you

You’re afraid of me
Or you’re not?
We’ll see
‘Cause I’m showing no mercy
You’ve cause me pain
So I’ll take away your reign
Right from under you
What else is new?

You boss me around
I’ll take your crown
Yeah you can frown,
But you’ll soon be on the ground

You think I’m weak
You think I’m a freak
You think I’m a geek
You think I’m meek

Just wait and see
Not you, It’s me
This time I’ll laugh
You can scream

You heard me right
Sure I’ll fight
You are all bark
I’ll show you my bite

Get down here
Don’t bring you tears
Now it’s real
Oh, you forgot a shield

Trust me, you’ll need one
‘Cause I’m gunna have fun
By the time I’m done
You’re gunna turn and run

You think you’re so tough
But you’re so gruff
I’ll show my stuff
‘Cause I’ve had enough

Of you and your crew
Guess what I drew?
It’s the future
Of you and it’s coming true

You’ll be on the floor
Down on all fours
Just décor
Just after this war

Yeah look at me, look at you
I’m fighting back
What else is new?
My blade’s gunna tear through you

And once again,
You’re gunna cry
And you’re gunna whine
And I’ll be just fine

I’ll walk away
The world’s turning gray
But I’m here to stay
I’m the predator, you’re the prey

You, I’m gunna slay
If you don’t walk away
Not just you, they
I’m done with child’s play

I have a sword,
You’ll be ignored
I have a spear
The time is near

I’m gunna fight back
From you and you pack
I’m gunna attack
To turning back

I’m done with you
I always knew
I was stronger than you
That I could outsmart you

Yeah, I can be mean
Or serene
I’ll make a scene
Of just you and me

I’ll finish them later
But I’ll make a crater
With you hater
With you traitor

It’s time to go
I’ll get the flow
And I’ll show
What I know

I can fight
I’m not afraid
Yeah all right
You’re gunna fade

I’m not just a writer
I’m a fighter
Come back and I will show
You’re mind I’ll blow

I can run
I’m number one
You’re none
I’m not done

I know I can win
‘Cause I know where you’ve been
Yeah I can grin
Take it on the chin

I’ll take my revenge
I want to avenge
All that you did
You’ll be off the grid

Even in the long run
I’m still having fun
You’re having none
I’ve already won

And you know it too
My strength has grew
And I knew what to do
I fought back against you

Yeah I’m a warrior,
What else is new?
Take my revenge
That’s what I’ll do

The author's comments:
The only way I can get my feelings out is through poetry. And at the time, this was what I was feeling.

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