April 1, 2012
By Auti_May97 BRONZE, Orangeville, Illinois
Auti_May97 BRONZE, Orangeville, Illinois
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Isn't it ironic..? How we ignore the ones who adore us. Adore the ones who ignore us. Love the ones who hurt us. And hurt the ones that love us..

I am alone.

I am terrified.

I am lonely.

I am weak.

I am alone.

I see your presence.

I hear your yells.

I feel your anger.

I am alone.

Your voice loud-ens.

Your veins pop.

Your body tenses.

I am alone.

I try my best.

I think I understand.

I am a failure.

I am alone.

I am yelled at for my mistakes.

I am sorry.

Yes, I am alone.

One day I will be wanted.

One day I will leave.

One day I will be free.

One day I will live the way your supposed to.

One day,

I will be strong enough to say,


But for now,

I will remain,


The author's comments:
This is about someone not approving of you and you feeling all alone, just as it implies. If you do read this, what I hope for you to get out of it is that no matter what you are not alone, it just may feel that way. So, relax, breathe, and say goodbye to whatever makes you feel alone because you have everyone else in this world.

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