The Waking Meadow

April 4, 2012
By Anonymous

The sun peaks through the clouds with the morning heat
Dew from the sweet grass cools my toes
The dancing flowers start a new beat
While the fragrance from the flowers meet my nose
It is the perfect picture

The eager fish start to swim
The passionate birds begin to chirp
The content rabbits start to hop
The elegant deer begin to saunter
It is the perfect picture

The delicate, blissful willows start to sway in the breeze
The dazzling lilies begin to take their path down the stream
The attractive maples begin to move with ease
The smooth, confident pebbles begin to shine with gleam
It is the perfect picture

I have come here to paint
With wild, vivid colors
My surroundings are not faint
They speak to the soul of the painter, me
It is the perfect picture

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