April 3, 2012
maybe my adoration
is the reason for the destruction
of my barely beating passion
that leads to a single dieing breath
that holds my heart up so very high
till it chokes upon the sky
and suffocates on clouds of dust and slowly bleeds from all the rust
that comes from the rain of a thousand tears
that i have cried for so many years
tired of wishing on wasted stars
i decide to count the scars
that rest upon my bloody heart
that should have never had to start
i know that though the words i say
will probably never change the way
that you say you think of me
because friends are friends
and thats all you want to be
but i wont give up
no not i
i wont give up intill you give me a try
i wont give up intil you see
your the only one ment for me.

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rainisbeautiful said...
Oct. 9, 2013 at 5:42 pm
I really like this ^-^ <3 wil fave!
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