The Wrong Path

April 3, 2012
You're an addiction,

A drug,

So good for me,

And anything but.

You love me so much,

But only when you want to.

And when you don't,

You're a monster,

A terrifying beast.

You hate anything,




Like a candle in the dark,

You guide my way.

But then you burn out,

And I'm alone once again.

I beg and plead, but you refuse to set me free.

And then I look over my shoulder and see that you left me.

Like a delicious bar of chocolate,

You call my name.

The craving is so intense,

And it just cannot be tamed.

I don't want to go,

But the pull is so strong,

And by now I'm so used to it,

Not going back seems so wrong.

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