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The Many Faces of the Flame

April 3, 2012
By willmike SILVER, Pinckney, Michigan
willmike SILVER, Pinckney, Michigan
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Light, yellow,
Swaying, twirling, graceful,
Mystery colors flickering to life,
Survival, warmth, beauty so bright.

Love, orange,
Gentle, kind, caring,
Opportunities, opening, unlocked.
Dim, romance, affection.

Courage, red,
Strong, leading, looked-up-to,
Battles fought, won, the taste of victory,
Willing, brave, daring.

Peace, blue,
Balance, equal, fair,
Peace in the world, teamwork, no war,
Tree-hugging, simple, right.

Hope, white
Holy Spirit, faith, dove,
Passion, power, enthusiasm,
Will-power, can-do, fuel.
But, always ready to bite, and
Ready to burn.

Can be put out.
Symbolizes devil, evil, hate, courage, love, and joy
So conflicting,
Fire; yellow, red, green, blue, white,
Light, love, courage, peace hope.

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