Find Your Way Back To Her

April 3, 2012
By Crystalmariee SILVER, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Crystalmariee SILVER, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."

Take her and hold her well.

Be cautious the wild flower tends to soak up the sun from the crowd.

Don't lose her while shes out taking it in and embracing the outsides of the world. There's always those pesky vultures swooping in where they don't belong. Caress the beauty as if was being pried out of your grizzly hands . You tend to think that this wont ever happen to you. There's no way she would escape from you, there's no way she would even want to. Think ..

And then think again. There are more beautiful beings and outrageous personalities in this world . Her face might tell you one thing, but her mind is certainly telling her another .

Don't be such a fool,

such a coward.

Why gain a loss over a ridiculous thing?

Let love in. Why so afraid? Afraid of what? You wouldn't have to be if you gave into her. Show the emotion, the compassion. Let her know of any cry, any ache your heart felt of desperation for her.

Come to terms with yourself and act on your feelings, share them.

Or you will lose what you deeply cherish.

Her ..

The author's comments:
What i would like people to get from this is that you need to appreciate a good thing, a good girl/guy/women/man in your life. Don't ever be afraid to show them how you feel. Because the last thing you want is to have the person you love run into the arms of another person.

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