Just Like You

April 3, 2012
One day I'll be just like you.

I'll have everyone on my side.

They'll take pride in me,

the way they always do you.
I'll be their eyes and ears,
looking out for those who hide.
I'll be the one to confide in,
the one everyone loves.
I'll never be denied,
especially by those who need me.
I'll be the second you,
but even better.
I'll stick to my grades,
and grow up to be someone.
I'll be proud to say I'm drug free.
I'll become famous,
in my own special way.
I'll stick to my poetry,
and become the next Poe.
Or maybe even the next Frost.
One thing I truly do know,
is that I'll be just like you,
but even better.

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