The journey

April 3, 2012
Blood pumping faster and harder to my head “thump, thump.” The thud of the horse’s hooves bound the ground. As I race forward in line with many others towards the dark enemy’s sanctum. This is what I’ve been waiting for this very moment to unleash the forgotten. We clash swords with a horrid hiss sound. While sparks are made as swords sharpens one another. Arrows of fire fly over head cutting deep into its victims. Flails jab ripping skin apart.
Seeing ahead what we’ve come for. I’m launched of my stag. “Death to the queen,” rings through my brain. The mission I was sent to do by the elders. She sits frighten with anger knowing that I am to sill her doom. Drawing my sword back; raising it in the air. A light reflects off hitting the pearl floor. I slay her were she lays like the beast she is. Freeing so many lost souls she has imprisoned. Her deep scarlet red blood runs across the beautiful pure white flooring.
It is done. The lives that were taken in this stone bound battle will be remembered in song for thousands of years.
Weak and wary from the fight we trudge forth back to the great tree. Wounds reek with decay. Knowing that not all of us will make the long journey home. Singing old, but familiar melodies to keep sane as friends drop from death of the pain. We reach home at last. Dancing in jubilee as families reunite. I kneel yielding to the redeemer. He stands before me with dark brown hair and blue in tracing eyes. Well done my good and faithful servant.” He beams smiling down. Removing a necklace with a silver chain and sapphire heart shape jewel hanging from the end. Its blue light trickles along the door of the tree. “For the deepest of true blue, wear it with honor. Enter young one.” He steps aside and the door open with a light.

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