Something About Tonight

April 3, 2012
By williamjamescollier BRONZE, John Day, Oregon
williamjamescollier BRONZE, John Day, Oregon
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I feel this inspiration deep inside my conscious so for some reason right now sleeping is not an option,
It feels as if when I shut my eyelids I see into my coffin,
As the top is being nailed,
Before this moment I could not foresee this tale,
But god has seen this prophecy prevail with the thoroughness description I could possibly entail,
I must channel this energy that sometimes tramples me mentally from the point I cannot tell friend from foe,
So lord protect me from the people I know because I can handle my enemies’ due to the fact that I’m equipped with ample intensity,
But for now I’m damaging these pages you’ll see a living example eventually,
Even when I’m dead and my mind lays in a sarcophagus ill rip a head off and shove it into an esophagus and make your heart the place where all you thoughts exist,
So the you may think and write with your heart,
Helping your soul and spirit not to shrink and die in the dark,
Like if Noah and his animals would sink inside the ark before they could blink their eyes apart,
Why this night I ponder on new forms of logic,
As if my brain cells have walked through storms with prophets to warn my conscience,
This marks the last night I’m nervous because of this startling rash sight that’s surfaced,
I’ve come to realize that maybe it’s my soul telling me iv lived my past life with purpose,
And need to get my act right through verses,
My ignorance to my blindness has come to allow this sight,
This is the kind of revelation that happens once in a thousand life’s,
But now I got the verse of loudness to light to enable further understanding, I knew when I picked up this pen there was something about tonight!

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