Devil Within

April 3, 2012
By williamjamescollier BRONZE, John Day, Oregon
williamjamescollier BRONZE, John Day, Oregon
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Among unknown valleys my mind awakes irritate,
My eyelids Are drawn to my sight and it’s welcomed to this forsaken place…I see Satan waits, with his legion of cretin Demon’s at the ancient gates that were cast and made of hated fates whom betrayed his grace,
The portal opens from the morbid screams of the tortured that were summoned from a horrid demon -us sorcerer, and it looks like a scene out of a forbid murderer and I’m just warning you, You walk over the warped corpses that bleed on the floor boards,

while the hell spawn generals stand scythed with their war swords to protect the defiled beast of the horror’s people sewed to the walls shriek for my help new formed cretins of hell who reach as they yell this is something you really just have to see for yourself, finally we come to a passage paved with spirits trying to speak there lyrics but their lungs are collapsing,

even my oxygen levels plummet when passing, then my mind crawls to his throne room humongous and massive, And now I hear the tongue of the savage, He said solemnly “join my ranks or forever be cast into the vast vat of forgotten souls”…

My mind replied is this man really asking a first cast son to lead hells masses..? But all of the sudden St. Michaels appeared equipped with a heavenly blade, Rifle, and spear... Then came eight disciples thru spheres using mystical powers they pierced a dimension in time and each spoke a sentence so prime, The first said you still have quite an accent to climb,

Shocked I found my soul lying second in line the third spoke lessons of life, the fourth gave me the blessing in sight, the fifth was a warrior sent to test all my might, the sixth questioned my plight and handed my soul to the seventh for flight… But the eight was an original sin that had been sent to test us from the temptations of the Devil Within.

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