April 3, 2012
Tell me, how can I:
Hang on for a second or spill the beans,
When I have no beans to begin with and the laws of science tell me it’s impossible to hold on to nothing for a second.

Does the saying,” I’m pulling your leg.” Mean the same as pull my finger?
I can’t ‘get out of your hair’, when I wasn’t even in it.
So tell me, why?
Why is the English language this way?

Languages are beautiful
They flow with rhythm and tone
Language is unique
Our one undeniable difference
They are special, rooted by one man

Romantic and slow.

So how did this come to be?
Our syllables became more stressed
Our tones more obnoxious
And “it smells fishy in here” was a favorite saying?

Defying all logic
These things infiltrated our beautiful, perfect language.
Idioms, man they get on my NERVES!

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