April 3, 2012
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Beauty is only skin deep
Beauty comes with fame
Beauty takes money
These are the lies that consume our lives
Lies don’t create beauty
Lies don’t help beauty
I am beautiful because I am me
You are beautiful because you are you
Beauty is nurtured
When you grow so does your beauty
Being the prettiest
or being the strongest
Isn’t what makes you beautiful
Making mistakes
Being yourself
Having fun
That’s what makes you beautiful
No matter where you are in life
No matter what road you’re on
You are beautiful
Beauty doesn’t just pertain to girls
Beauty doesn’t just pertain to models or actors
Beauty pertains to being true to yourself
You are strong
You are smart
You are talented
You are beautiful
You know yourself better than anyone else
Don’t let this world change you
You are beautiful
Don’t let anyone tell you different
You are you
You are beautiful

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