Nixon Meets the Hippie

April 3, 2012
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I am Nixon
I was born to run this land
The world will someday be mine
And I’ll bomb my enemies until
I become king. After all,
I am Nixon

Punk kids
Banging on my door
Protesting in the streets
I know I’m right
But they say I’m wrong
Punk kids

Last week
I was in Dallas dealing with Studebaker
And they followed me there
Blinding cameras and
Angry hippies
Last week

Came to the front of the crowd
Gave me the finger, and walked away
We made eye contact
Only for a moment
I and she

Her hair
With golden blonde curls
Her lips so cherry red
I’d give the world
To once more see
Her hair

I am Nixon
I love my wife but this hippie as well
I can’t believe I’m saying this but
I’m in love
My wife, she might leave but I don’t care
For I am Nixon

I am
Typically angry and very impatient
But for her I’d wait forever
Polar opposites, I’m dark and she’s light
I don’t know who
I am

I will
Rule the world
Blowing things to bits and pieces
She can go against me
But never leave me because
I will

Hold her
Like the hippie drugs she does
Like a vice grip of love
I’d do anything to
Hold her

Will be engraved in our wedding band
Nixon and his hippie wife
Living in their
Volkswagen for

I am Nixon
I’m cold and dark and angry
I will rule, unless she asks me otherwise
I have no clue what’s happening, all I know is
I am Nixon
And I’m in love with the Anti-Nixon

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