My Pain

April 3, 2012
By ElenaP SILVER, Phx, Arizona
ElenaP SILVER, Phx, Arizona
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They say friendships last longer than relationships,
But I have dated longer than we were friends.
The best part of my life
Was those four months we were friends.
Laughing and talking as if our
Friendship would never end.
We were so close;
You were always there to cheer me up whenever I was blue.
You knew when I was upset,
And you would do the impossible to make me smile.
But one day all of that changed.
We started drifting apart, arguing all the time,
Being mad at each other for no reason.
Until one day I could not take it anymore.
We went from being best friends to strangers.
I act like I hate you because it is easier
Than admitting how much I truly do miss you.
I pretend I am fine because
I don’t want you to see how much I want to cry.
I hope one day you will forgive me
For caring too much,
And I will forgive you for letting go
Too fast and not caring enough.
I believe that one day I will talk to you and smile
Without faking it and my heart will heal.
Maybe, just maybe, you and I will be friends again.

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