Be Myself

April 3, 2012
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I was always told to be myself.
Here I am today
and all I am doing is being myself.
I thought you said that would
good enough for you and others.
But its no longer good enough.

I wanna be carefree and free spirited.
I wanna be say whats on my mind.
I wanna say it how it is.
No matter what though I know
it won't be good enough.
The person I wanna be so badly
is no longer good enough for anybody.

You look me in the eyes almost everyday
and you say baby you're good enough
for me no matter who you are
and it don't matter what others think.
But I try to me around you
and I get yelled at about what I say
and the way I act anymore.
So even for you I don't feel good enough anymore.

I'm afraid that I know deep in my heart
that I'll never be good enough for anybody.

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