April 3, 2012
My heart shattering like glass,
Ma and you,
we didn't last.
All those nights,
we stayed awake,
Planning our future,
They were a waste.
On my face,
you will never see,
the smile I wore,
When you loved me.

I hang my head low,
Trying to hide the tears.
Why'd you have to make,
My biggest fear real.
Silently I cry,
Keeping everyone blind,
From the aching pain,
You've brought to me today.
Again and again I relive,
That one kiss,
The way we both missed.
Everytime I close my eyes,
I feel your hand on my waist,
As we danced the night away.

I guess love just isn't real,
Its a story we tell,
But never feel.
Love sets us up,
To fall hard.
SHattering everything,
We feel inside.

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