underground without your love.

April 2, 2012
By SpokenWords87 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
SpokenWords87 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Shivering body. Try to curl up and ignore the world. Neglect all the pain that he's done to her. No one understood why everything was wrong with her. It never made sense. It was like an invisible hand was chocking her fragile neck and not allowing her to utter a single word. Everything coming out of her mouth was complete nonsense. Why has everything fallen out of place? Its like a perfect mountain, outlined with gold, still and strong suddenly broke down. unable to be fixed. it was irreplaceable.and now its all gone. demolished. but what killed even more was how she loved you with all her heart. She didn't care about the world. All the people bringing her down tellign her it wont work. its too risky. she didn't care. All she cared about was you. But now you left me, stranded alone. Cold. I was now in a glass coffin. buried underground. your back turned and me screaming our your name. screaming out for the love and joy you once gave me. screaming out for everything we once had.

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