Forever Love

April 2, 2012
By NIKABABII BRONZE, Saint Albans, New York
NIKABABII BRONZE, Saint Albans, New York
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I wonder if what we had was true
I wonder if my heart
Was meant for you
And when your near
It feels like your miles away
I want you to hold me
Like you did the other day

Not even a last kiss
Or gentle touch
I wonder what stops you
From giving up
Refuse to look you in your eyes
Because I'm afraid of
What you think inside

I want you to wait
Like you did before
Kiss me like
You want some more
Holding hand and hand
Because everyone knew
You were my man

But it's funny how we let things go
As if we don't feel
The love no more
As if all the air disappeared
Because I couldn't breathe without
You being here

I always thought you was the one
Now I'm clueless
Are we done?
Crazy how things all end
I never knew what we had
Was all pretend
You were more than my lover
But like my best friend

Now my head is spinning
Round and round
Because boy you turned my world
Upside down
But all I know is
When I close my eyes
I still see faith
Of you inside
Trying to push you away
But you do one little thing
And my world is okay

Never knew I loved so deep
But you will forever be my love
To keep

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this after experiencing something called love.

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