Sexy Kitten Rolls into Muffin

April 2, 2012
By Rumbling_Bass GOLD, Oak Park, Illinois
Rumbling_Bass GOLD, Oak Park, Illinois
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My heart races faster than my thoughts and
My lungs collapse as your presence knocks the wind out of me
Thoughts escape me
They twist into an incoherent mess
Daily I search the halls
Eyes constantly dart from face to face
Frantically searching for your perfection
Your sleepy blue eyes paired with
That crooked smile
And your perfectly imperfect orange hair
Sends electric shocks down my spine
Renders me paralyzed
Sixth period lunch comes
I’m near you again
I obnoxiously stare you down, so obviously
Surprised you don’t notice
Wishing you’d notice me
Well, I’m done wishing
Done waiting
Done wanting
I’ll lay it all out
Every though
Every feeling
Every unspoken desire
I’ll open my heart and bleed onto white canvas
Let life drip from me
Paint the story of my love on this page
I’ll open myself up to your rejection
I’ll send all that I have
And be done wasting my time

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